Let’s keep it simple, shall we? I’m here to give you a no-strings, all-joy discreet luxury experience.


I’m an Ivy grad and a former print model (you’ll be happy when you see my face), but above all what I am is here for YOU.

I am intentionally very low-volume and selective about which suitors I accept, so you are never just another appointment to me. You are the center of my world when we are together and I am your affectionate, attentive confidante.

I will put you at ease from our very first ‘hello’ and keep you smiling until we part ways (and hopefully for quite a while after). Whether we’re sharing stories over sushi or making loving memories between meetings on your business trip, every moment we share together will be sheer delight.

Let me be your stress relief, your escape from duty and obligation.

I want to learn about whatever it is that makes you light up, lean in and talk a little faster when you discuss it. It doesn’t matter if it’s Bayesian inference, the pros & cons of different coding languages, the projected longevity of ballers’ careers, Bayesian inference, or why Star Wars is superior to Star Trek. If you’re interested, it’s interesting.

I value discretion very highly and, as a well-traveled, well-spoken, well-educated young woman I blend right in by your side as an intern or young colleague. You’ll never be uncomfortable with me, neither in public nor private.

I cannot wait to begin our story together.

I’m a very low-volume, part-time companion so please make booking requests at least 48 hours in advance. Longer dates are prioritized.

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