Hi! This is my first try at the established side of this exciting trade so bare with me. I may get some of the protocols and theories wrong :( But I do know a thing or two about being a good friend, and three or four things about being unforgettable! I love to make people happy – So much so others’ happiness greatly impacts my own. So there’s really no way that we can go wrong spending time with each other!

I’m not quite sure what to say here yet (maybe I’ll go looking for other ads to copy!), but I do know that I’m excited about what experience may come from it. In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions you may have. I may have a couple to ask you too, so I certainly don’t mind them.


Available to be your friend, escort, and affectionate paramour in New York City :)  I’m also available to travel internationally. Let’s talk about what’s possible!