I’m a young professional and recent graduate of a DC university that I won’t identify for now :) I’m mature in thought, well-traveled and intelligent. But at heart, I’m just a normal girl that enjoys encountering life in ways that are both conventional and decadent. It makes me feel good to contribute positively to someone else’s well-being, so I’m perfect for symbiotic interactions in which all each is enhanced by the company of the other. You know, harmonious type of stuff :-D

I’m often described as cute. I think this is appropriate =) I have a petite body that curves in places to make a great feminine figure. I’ve taken a few informal photos so you can get a glimpse for yourself. I’d point out my soft and mostly unblemished skin, long dark hair, perky breasts and full lips as features that are often complimented.

I’m never all that great at knowing all the things a gentleman wants to know, so I’m just going to invite you to ask any question you might have. If there are none, however, let’s meet! -Chelsea


Also New York City and Baltimore with planning